Currently Under Construction

Down For Maintenance

The entirety of is currently offline until further notice while it is being updated. It will be a substantial overhaul to bring everything back up to date and to make a few structural changes as a whole.

All rocketry sections are also outdated and have been pulled - these may eventually get moved to another location elsewhere on the web.

If you need to reach me, you may always do so via email, phone, or US Mail: (change the -AT- to @)
(503) 575-7622

PO Box 8246
Portland OR 97207

Please do not send me files (full-size images, and the like) larger than 1 MB without asking me first - large attachments clog up my mailbox and slow down my computer. If you don't know how to resize an image file, then you shouldn't be emailing pictures in the first place...

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!