High Power Rocketry

(Photo credit to Gary Goncher.)

I have been very active in rocketry since I was about 9 years old. My first rocket ever was a "Code Red" starter set from Estes Rockets.

I attended my first launch around 2003, and then the rest is history! In my early days I flew a LOT of low and mid-power rockets from Estes as well as Aerotech Rocketry.

Not long after that, I got into high power. I flew my first high power rocket when I was 11. In the years that followed I flew lots of Level 1 motors (H and I impulse) in addition to the low and mid power launches I was doing already.

I wanted to do my Level 2 certification as soon as I could after I turned 18, so in early-2013 I built my Level 2 rocket. Later that year I took and passed the Tripoli Level 2 exam, flew the Excel Plus on a J motor, and got my Level 2! It couldn't have gone much better than that.

After the 2013 flying season had wrapped up for the winter, not even a year after getting my Level 2, I was ready to go for my Level 3. The Level 3 certification allows a member to fly the biggest rocket motors out there, and is a very long process. Before even starting your project, you must talk with 2 x technical advisors from Tripoli. Once they "approve" your plans, you can begin building while providing a clear documentation of your process and build techniques used. Your technical advisors follow along with you every step of the way.

I began my Level 3 project in November 2013. It was the biggest rocket I had ever built to date and also the most complex. I worked on it throughout the winter and completed the project in April 2014. In June 2014, I flew an M motor in Code Blue and successfully earned my Level 3 certification! It was a very long and challenging process, but the end result was so worth it.

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